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Valentine’s or Galentine’s Night Out?

Valentine’s or Galentine’s Night Out?
February 13, 2019 Attirelle
In Fashion

Inspiration Tips to Glow!

There is no single dressing code for Valentine’s Day; whether you are having dinner in a fancy restaurant with your other half or made plans for cocktails with your BFFs, either occasion calls for a different outfit. All you need is some stylish inspiration shots for this special night!

Quite often, the elements and the ideas that turn an outfit into a V-Day – ready, are actually classic and can save your day (or night) in other occasions as well! And red usually holds the leading role in this occasion, either as a garment, or an accessory or even as a lipstick color. All in all, it can transform an urban, edgy outfit to a polished one, practically on its own and on the spot!

Needless to remind you that one of Red’s BFF is golden and black! Match them together, let them be in harmony, and feel chic and polished with just a few touches of beautiful accessories that can transform an outfit to match every occasion of this romantic night! And would you happen to know the secret of this color partnership? They illuminate one another and you are actually in the very center of this symphony…

So, let the music play…


One & Only Red Mini Crochet Bag
Love is in the Air with this passionate One & Only Mini Red Crochet bag; either with your it dress or your jeans, glow-glow-glow.

One & Only Bordeaux Shoulder Bag
Chick and easy to match! Bonus: match the Bordeaux elements with red lipstick. Shop this beautiful One & Only Fantasy bordeaux shoulder bag

Red, grey & black; Valentine’s night call for passionate colors! Match them in any occasion in this magical night! Choose your favorite at Macrame Attirelle Bracelets

One & Only Black Tote Bag
Match this beautiful crochet bag with leather pants or jeans, depending on the occasion and add red color in or your lips to lighten up your outfit! Make this One & Only Black Tote Ring Bag yours!