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The famous One & Only Bags are travelling all over the world!

The famous One & Only Bags are travelling all over the world!
February 7, 2018 Attirelle
In Fashion
One and Only

What is the best trick to change your outfit at a glance? What is the easiest way to transform your style even if you wear the same clothes? We are certain that your answer is correct: BAGS!

For all women around the world, the bags are always a subject for discussion. Whatever style they have or whatever type of woman they are! As many bags as we get, are never enough and always a new trend comes to complete our collection! Different materials, colors, styles, or sizes, give a new touch on our outfit and change our look according to our mood!

The new trend in bags for today’s Fashion Women is the hand-made crochet bags that come from Greece and are all over the world already! Their name is One & Only Bags and gives us unique and modern looks for some years now!

Their diversity relies on the bespoke nature and the emphasis of the Designer in detail and high quality materials. New designs, innovative details, fabulous color mix and new sizes, come up every day making “One and Only” the fastest and original brand of its category and one of the most famous Greek fashion brands in the female international customers.

As the Designer and Founder of One & Only, Irini Papadopoulou, points out:

“My goal is to create designs that will meet every woman’s needs and make her feel elegant and unique”.

The founder of One & Only, Irini Papadopoulou

It all started from the internal need of the Designer, a talented woman from Greece, to express her affection to friends and family. She always loved to offer special gifts to her beloved ones. Unique gifts that she often creates herself. One of her ideas, however, handmade clutches, have indeed made an impact and have turned out to be a fashion trend.

The Art of Crochet by the hands of Irini Papadopoulou

Opening the treasure chest of family memories, she rediscovers the magic of knitting (single crochet) and creates one of a kind, tailor made bags, combining Greek tradition with the latest fashion trends. A crochet, dozens of textile cords and, of course, her hands are all it takes to knit minimal clutches, with intense color variations, clear weave and small blemishes which underlie the value of the hand-crafted.

The designer believes that what makes the clutches unique is not only that they are handmade, but the love she puts into each and every bag she creates.

“When a woman orders a bag, I want to meet with her, talk with her, so I can create something unique, specially made for her. Because this is what “One and Only” is all about! Every time I knit a clutch I feel that I am making a gift for a friend. And gifts are unique because they carry love”.

Twiceblessed Australia with One & Only’s Bubble Shoulder Bags

One of the unique designs is the classic Bubble Shoulder Bag with fabulous colors and innovative accessories like the “tortoise” chain. You may wear it in any occasion, for morning shopping or breakfast/brunch with friends up to the evening at a restaurant or cinema!

The latest line, Obsession Link, with high quality materials and perfect details is the absolute obsession for every woman around the world. Cosmopolitan style and intellectual elegance make these bags have an “eclectic-chic” style and an international touch!

Anna Mavridis with the Pink Obsession Link Crochet Shoulder Bag

The summer collection is, in reality, a blast of colors!

The limited editions lines are sold out before they reach the selected stores and there is, often, a waiting list for the collection Bubble, which became a “must have” for all “well informed” in fashion, women.

Today the One & Only bags can be found in several countries around the world, in trendy-fashionable stores as in Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, The Nederland’s, Germany, Norway, Kuwait, New York, Singapore, Korea, Philippines and Australia. There are also the central fashion item on well known fashion bloggers like Anna Mavridis.

In Dubai you may find One & Only Bags and clutches, exclusively, online at They come in a variety of color combinations and decorative patterns. Make sure you purchase the original products with the silver pin on the bag of each one of them and join the big family of Chic and Fashionable people of “One & Only Bags”.

All it takes to order yours is a simple click and you will add your favorite to your collection!