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DIY – Christmas Candles with natural materials

DIY – Christmas Candles with natural materials
December 22, 2017 caterina ciacatani
In Fashion

Christmas is here already and candles are the best decoration idea for our homes. We can make them ourselves with materials we have in the house or we can find in the nature!

All you need is just a little bit of imagination. Mix and match colors, plants and dried leaves, nuts, fruits etc into glass containers with water or anything that givesthis x-mas sparkle!

Create your own candle and leave your guests speechless! 

Here are some beautiful and budget Christmas ideas to decorate your home fast and easy. You only need to choose which one makes you happy and gives you this festive feeling we all like these period!

#1. Minimal idea with greenery, cylinder plain candles and glass containers

What is easier than to find big or small glass container and put inside cylinder candles at any color and some green leaves from your own Christmas tree or any other plant you have at home. The final scenery will be “wintery” and festive and will give your home a minimal yet luxurious aura!

#2. Small seasonable fruits, aromatic herbs and water

Give a fruity and colorful view to your decorated candles adding small fruits like cranberries, berries, dried cherries cramped into a glass jam container. Add water and leaves from herbs like levanter or rosemary. When you lit the candle the water will get the aroma of herbs and will give a beautiful odor in our house. Alternatively, you can add any other leave or herb you like.

#3. Winter simplicity with pine cones and small tree branches

One of the elements that represent best winter time are the pine cones. After you wash thoroughly a big glass container put inside some small branches from a pine. Decorate them with some artificial snow and place at the bottom of the container a small circle candle.

Additionally, tie a nice natural-color ribbon with a couple of pine cones, at the rim of the container. Pine cones combined with the white color of snow, the candle flame and the green color of pine branches will give the ultimate warm feeling in your home.

#4. Holly : the famous plant of December

Who could possibly exclude from this list the famous plant Holly (do not mix up with Mistletoe), the absolute Christmas plant. The only things you need are a glass container, a candle that floats, water and 1-2 branches of Holly. Put them all together, as seen in the photo below and lit up the candle. Who doesn’t love those “last minute” solutions?

#5. Acorns, corn and other… winter fruits

Give a country view in your kitchen decorating glass containers from jam or tomato sauce. Place at the bottom a glass candle and fill them up with acorns, corn or chestnuts. Isn’t it an amazing and simple idea?

#6. Small colorful ornaments in the water

From our decoration ideas couldn’t miss the Christmas balls/ornaments. Choose a cylinder glass container, fill it up with white and red ornaments, add water and on the top 2-3 floating candles. A special idea for your festive table!


What’s keeping you from trying those DIY candles? This will give a personal touch in your home! And if you need to find a gift at a last moment, you can offer one of those without spending a lot of money!


    • The candles with the aluminum base don’t float on the water
    • Before you place any item in the water wash very well before, in order to keep the water as clean and transparent as possible.
    • After the decoration you should change the water every 2-3 days to be always clean

Merry Christmas!!!